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The New Shape of Spin now has a new color: Scarlett. The VCORE 98 (305) is perfect for intermediate and advanced players who want a spin-friendly racquet with great feel. With its relatively thin beam and 98in² head, this stick offers impressive accuracy on full swings. For 2021, the VCORE 98 still features an open and spin-friendly string pattern (16x19). To cut wind drag, Yonex has expanded the location of its Aero Fin grooves to include not just the upper hoop but also the lower portion of the head. This technology is complemented by an Aero Trench grommet system that submerges the grommets to further reduce wind resistance. The upshot of these technologies is easier acceleration, which will help you load the ball with pace and spin. The VCORE 98 also gets updated with a material called Namd, which is a uniquely flexible graphite designed to increase frame torque, ball pocketing and spin. From the baseline this stick feels comfortably crisp on contact. It also feels a tad more stable than the VCORE 100. Full swings find their mark with ease, and there is more than enough spin to bring the ball down hard. At net, the VCORE 98 feels fast and solid, with plenty of touch for dropping the ball short. On serve, there is enough spin to hit effective slices and kickers, and the high level of precision means you can swing for power. With this update to the VCORE 98, Yonex keeps a good thing going. This racquet remains an obvious choice for intermediate and advanced players who value speed, spin, precision and feel. Racquet series for Shapovalov (CAN), Rybakina (KAZ), Garcia (FRA) and many others.

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