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Apex 300 CE

This comfort racket allows an impressive and controlled play with a performance that did not exist in that way before. The racket for all-round players.

Material Eplon+K12
Form Bridge
Weight (± 3 g)
120 gms frame weight /
145 gms total weight
Balance balanced
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X9 | L 12 / C 11
Item-No. / EAN 1212


Pure 4

This frame provides despite the remarkable lightness tremendous ball speed. The light weight also allows easy handling and a quick game. Due to the “sandwich production” both optimum stability and an excellent touch is achieved. Ensures an easy handling and dynamics, an ideal power frame.

Article: PURE 3
Art.-Nr.: 1340
Material: MC / Braided-Eplon
Colour: black-green
Form: Long String
Weight: 105N / 145B
Balance: grip-heavy
String: SQX5
String/ Recommendation Kg: 13 L / 11 Q
No Cover
Target Group: Professionals/Tournament Players


CC Top 4 CL

The concave aerodynamic racket head has an enlarged sweet spot. Easy handling and impressive dynamics an ideal racket for ambitious offensive players.

Material Metacarbon™
Form Bridge
Weight (±g) 115N / 150B
Balance balanced
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X5 | 12L / 11Q
Target group Tournament players


Supra 140

Article: Supra 140
Material: Metacarbon
Colour: Fluo yellow / Red
Weight (+/- 3 gms): 120 gms frame weight / 155 gms total weight 
Balance: Head-heavy
String: SQ X5

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